Riviera Maya things to do

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  1. Hello , I’m gonna have to print off everything in this itinerary lol. Or things to do. I’m making Excursion days before I even make reservations for a hotel or flight.

  2. As someone who annually spends more than about 2 months/yr in Cun, I’m always looking for adventure. Museums and tours are NOT adventure in my book. I want the adventure to raise my heart rate. I like searching, diving into and swimming in every cenote… and since there are over 6000, you don’t need to go to the heavily touristy ones. Learn to windsurf, or better yet, kitesurf in Isla Blanka. Try jet boarding, being pushed into the air by thousands of gallons of water.. you can even glide through the water with it like a porpose. Dance Cumbia, salsa, and more with the locals by the muniipal building Sunday night’s…. Adventure, for me, isn’t being surrounded by thousands of tourists, being in the middle of a line of boats traveling through the lagoon jungle… Get out there, meet the locals and get your heart racing. Btw.. I’m 67.

    1. To each their own, Barry! Glad to hear you’re living life to its fullest! This definitely isn’t a definitive list of every experience to be had in the region, but I believe it serves as a good starting point and helps highlight the range of activities to be enjoyed in the Riviera Maya.

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