Mexico bus station with ADO buses lined up in bays on either side of a walkway. Travelers pulling suitcases approach the buses

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for all of your helpful information! Do you know if car seats can be installed on ADO buses? I will be traveling with a 5 month old and would prefer to have him in a car seat if possible. If not, do you know if it is ok to hold babies on the bus? Thank you!

    1. Hi Anne, I’m so glad you found this info helpful! I’m not 100% sure about car seats, but the seats on the GL and Platino (and probably all the rest, but I’ve never noticed) do have lap seatbelts, so I think you could secure a car seat that way. Otherwise, it’s definitely permitted to hold babies on the bus– I’ve seen many travelers do it!

    2. Hi Janine,
      Can we bring a small (4.5KG) dog in a small carrier on the bus.
      The carrier fits under the seat in front of me on an airplane.
      Best regards,

  2. Very efficient service! I used ADO from Mexico City to Puebla as well, and from Cancun Intl Airport to Tulum. I am very impressed! I will definitely use it again in the future.

  3. Hi Janine, thanks for all the really useful info! Do you know whether it’s possible to take food on board the ADO buses? Thinking of packing a lunch with me but not sure if it´s allowed. Thanks!

      1. My friend and I need to take a night bus from Merida to Bacalar. You advise against night buses – should we make other arrangements?

        1. Hi Jayne — Ultimately it comes down to your risk tolerance. Personally, I would recommend making other arrangements, as I do have concerns about things like road stops and accidents. Even though the chances of anything going wrong is probably pretty low, hold-ups and accidents do happen from time to time. I’m not familiar with the road conditions on the Bacalar end of that route, but the portion closer to Merida is very good, so the risk of accidents is probably minimal.

  4. Hi Janine.
    We wanted to book two one way tickets ex Chiquila to Valladolid – at the booking process ADO is adding a surchage of MXN 12,- for “IDA”
    Do you know what it is and do we need it?
    Maybe you also had this situation.
    Thanks. Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra, I believe the 12 peso fee you’re referring to is the “Asistencia Total” fee. It somehow goes toward emergency medical assistance in the event that it becomes necessary. It’s a flat rate of 12 MXN per ticket. In the ADO app you have the option to decline this small fee if you wish.

  5. Hi Janine! Insightful article! Question, how would I know which bus is “de paso” and which is not? I will like to take one at the airport but my destination requires me to stop short.

    1. When you put in your trip details on the ADO website it denotes on the bottom of the trip description whether the trip is de paso, etc. See the linked image for an example.

      ado trip description

  6. I’m planning to go to Mexico next week & looking for some vehicle benefits in Mexico. I’m really impressed with the quality & look of the ADO buses. I hope it will make me more comfortable than others. But the funniest thing is the pronunciation of this ADO. It is very informative to know this and I hope I will catch this bus.

    1. Hi Janine, thanks for such an informative article. My partner and I plan to travel from Mexico city to Oaxaca. We are currently working and travelling, and have between us 90 kg worth of luggage,more than they typical amount.

      Do you know if there is a luggage limit o the ADO Platino buses, and if so how much would the extra luggage cost? Our Spanish is very rudimentary, and we are concerned that things may get lost in translation if we were to call up the bus company.
      Would you know? Thank you so much for your help!

  7. Hi, Janine! Thanks for the detailed article, we`re heading to Mexico City on Friday!
    I got one question left, does the busses stop for food and breaks? Is there e.g. a lunch or dinner break at some point or do we need to bring a foodie bad? 😀
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Great question! The cheap busses (OCC or AU) will stop for occasional bathroom and snack breaks, but generally no, ADO doesn’t stop. Good idea to pack snacks or lunch!

    1. Just wanted to add to this section as I just had an 6-7 hour ride from CDMX to Oaxaca with the ADO regular/primera bus.

      This bus is what I consider a luxury bus. Seats are soft end large, and there’s plenty of leg space ( I’m 1,86).

      The bus stops 2-3 times for a small snack/toilet break (app. 5 min).

      The toilet is fine. Looks like an older airplane toilet. I used it once, and in generally it didn’t seem to be used that often. We picked some seats far a way though. Yes – you pick your seats when you buy tickets (online or at the TAPO).

      My biggest downside is the TV that played three dupped movies a long the journey. I managed to watch the whole of penguin bloom with Spanish dubbing. It can be quite exhausting if you want to sleep.

  8. Thank you so so much for this. I’ve subscribed! Could you help me work out which is the most central Oaxaca station to use for the ADO bus down to Puerto Escondido? The list of their website is a bit confusing . Huge thanks

  9. Hello, I am trying to book a ticket from Cancun to the Valladolid online but I keep getting an error message. I have to buy the last ticket of the day because of my flight and that one does not show on busbud. There is only 16 seats as this one is Ado Connect. Do you think I will be able to buy at the airport or it is risky not to find availability? I am travelling Jan 2.

    1. Hi Sakine, Have you tried purchasing through the ADO website? It can be glitchy, so it might not work, but you should be able to buy tickets there if you choose the Paypal checkout option. I think you’d be fine to buy them at the airport but since it’s the last bus of the day it’s worth trying to book ahead of time.

  10. Really helpful article! Do you know if busbud will incur international card charges? I’m coming from the UK and wondered if the site is recognised as overseas

  11. Thank you for the helpful info! This is our first time going to Mexico – we have connector tickets from Playa Del Carmen to Valladolid. I’m not able to find information on where we connect to the finish our journey to Valladolid, or how long we will have to change busses…do you happen to know where I can get this information? I’m a little concerned about the connection. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tina! There should be a code on your ticket that denotes which bus station you’ll connect in (probably Cancun). It may not designate a “puerta” (gate) just yet, but you should be able to find it easily once you get to the bus station. You can always ask someone at the bus station in Playa del Carmen and they should be able to help you find the answers to these questions.

  12. I completely agree with the points made in this article about the safety of ADO buses in Mexico. It’s reassuring to know that passenger safety is taken seriously, with thorough checks and security measures in place, including the use of metal detectors and baggage searches. Thank you for sharing these insights and practical tips. ADO buses really do seem like a reliable and secure way to explore Mexico.

  13. Awesome information! How do i find out which buses have a bathroom on board. Im trying to take a bus from mexico city to oaxaca? Im someone who needs a bathroom kinda a lot and im worried ill be on a bus without a bathroom. Do most buses have them? Thank you!

    1. I believe all ADO service levels have bathrooms onboard. You can see the layout of the bus when you go to book tickets online (so even if you’re planning to book at the bus station, you can still check). For a bus to from Mexico City to Oaxaca, the ADO GL or ADO Platino will be the most comfortable and both of those will definitely have bathrooms.

  14. Hey there! We are looking for an ADO bus to take us to our resort from Cancun to Mayan Riveria as we require a washroom during travel. Is it possible to be dropped off at the resort?

    1. Hi Brea, the buses run on a set route, so you can’t get door-to-door service to your resort. Depending where your resort is located, the bus may pass by it along the highway. But, it sounds like it may be better to organize a private shuttle– I’m a fan of Cancun Airport Transportation. You won’t have a bathroom onboard, but I’m sure the driver would be willing to stop if needed. The trip from Cancun to Riviera Maya is only an hour to an hour and a half, depending on where you’re going.

  15. Hello, you write that you can check in as many bags as you want. However, it seems to me that you can only have one checked-in bag when trying to buy a ticket. Do you know if it is still valid to have 2 large checked-in bags? Or can it be purchased as an add-on?

    1. Hi Mathilde– I have never been asked to declare how many checked bags I would be bringing and I have never had to pay any fees for checked luggage on ADO. The information in the article is derived from my experience and verified through the ADO website, so I believe it to be accurate. I would contact them directly if you have concerns.

  16. Hi Janine ,great website. We are a family of four arriving in Cancun and travelling to Valladolid. The ADO website is showing me the bus goes straight to Meriden, not sure if that stops in Valladollid. Busbud is showing buses to Valladolid from Cancun. Is there a transfer bus that goes from airport terminal to Cancun or is that a taxi ride ?
    Also, if I pre buy tickets and then miss the bus for whatever reason (customs) what would be my next best option to get to Valladolid ?

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      I don’t believe there are any buses that go from the Cancun Airport to Valladolid (at least not based on my search attempts on the website). If the bus to Merida doesn’t specify stopping in Valladolid then I don’t believe it will.

      You can catch an ADO bus from Terminal 2 to the cancun bus station. It will cost around $130 MXN per adult. Then, from the bus station there are frequent departures to Valladolid.

      If you pre-buy tickets and then miss the bus you’ll have to purchase them again. Otherwise, you could organize a private shuttle to Valladolid. I would highly recommend booking the shuttle in advance.

      I wouldn’t worry about booking ADO tickets ahead of time- at least, not from the airport to the bus station. You’ll be able to get there one way or another. There are fairly frequent departures from the airport to the bus station, and you can always take a taxi as a backup.

  17. Hello Janine,
    Very good article. I was wondering about buying tickets online. Do you get an electronic boarding pass like the airlines use that can be scanned or do you still have to physically see a ticket agent?

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