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Wondering what to get that one friend who uses all of her free vacation days/spare money to visit Mexico? This gift guide is packed with fun Mexican gifts that she can easily work into her daily life. So even when she’s not in Mexico it will remain top of mind. 

And hey, maybe you’ll find something for yourself as well!

Mexican Art Gifts

Art is a wonderful way to honor your friend’s travel memories in a stylish and subdued way. I mean, her Mexico vacation photos are cool, but they don’t necessarily work with all of her decor. A chic art map of her favorite city in Mexico or a colorful art print, however, might integrate into her home in a more understated way. 

City Art Maps

These Mexico City art maps caught my eye! The designer takes custom orders so you can get a map of any city you’d like. Perhaps your bestie has a favorite city in Mexico, or maybe you’re planning a trip somewhere together? The options are endless!

Maps make great (sometimes useful) pieces of wall art! (Photo credit: Ancient Shades on Etsy)

Mexico Wall Map

If there isn’t a specific city that speaks to you (or, more likely, it’s just too hard to choose), a wall map of Mexico makes a great alternative. This vintage style map makes a great decoration for the Mexico lover in your life. Alternatively, a scratch-off map of Mexico is a fun gift for travelers who find themselves in Mexico over and over again!

Vintage Mexico Travel Poster

If your BFF appreciates a vintage aesthetic, these travel posters might be more her style. All you have to do is pick out a nice frame, choose a spot to hang it, and you’re done! 

Otomí Art & Textiles

The Otomí is an indigenous group from Mexico’s central highlands and they are known (at least in part) for their textiles featuring colorful embroidered animal and plant motifs

If your friend has visited states in central Mexico, such as Guanajuato, Queretáro, San Luis Potosí, or Puebla, an Otomí piece would surely be a great reminder of her trip! 

If you’re on a budget, go for an Otomí print. Alternatively, an embroidered pillowcase makes a great mid-range gift, or, if you’re willing to splurge, this stunning tapestry is sure to inspire many compliments!

Alebrije Figurines

While they might seem just like any other tchotchke, Alebrijes are colorfully painted sculptures of mythical animals. They were originally created by the artisan Pedro Linares who first envisioned them in a fever dream. These days Alebrijes are created throughout Mexico and come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. They make great decorations and are sure to inspire conversation from guests! 

Papel Picado Banner

Nothing says fiesta like a string of papel picado. These colorful banners made out of cut paper are the signature decoration in many Mexican celebrations, notably Dia de Muertos. 

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to entertain, these cute garlands might be the perfect option. The shop owner can even personalize the banners with a name, message, or design of your choice!

Mexican Home Goods & Decor

Mexican home decor and kitchen items make wonderful gifts for your Mexico obsessed friend. She may not be able to travel in perpetuity, but surround her with Mexico-inspired gifts and you’ll be bringing a little bit of vacation flavor to her everyday life.

Home decor is also a solid gift option because if your friend is anything like me, she usually saves her extra dollars for trips rather than home goods. Luckily she has you to help her out!

Mexico Themed Pillows 

This trio of Mexico inspired pillows makes a kooky, comical gift for that friend who is just obsessed with throw pillows. She’s probably already got a ton of “home is where the heart is” pillows, but she is probably lacking in piñata shaped pillows. And she’s definitely lacking in concha bread pillows. I mean, if she can’t drink her morning coffee with a fresh concha from the local panadería, drinking it with a fluffy concha pillow has got to be the next best thing.

If you’re on the search for funny Mexican gifts, let them be these. Do these pillows err on the side of ridiculous? Perhaps. Do you need and want them in your– err.. your friend’s life? Absolutely. 

Mexican Woven Blanket

Not only are these woven blankets pretty, but they’re also super handy. They make the perfect picnic blankets for the beach, the park or the backyard. They’re also nice to have around the house to use as throws or furniture covers. I even used to keep one in my car for spontaneous adventures or emergencies. You really can’t go wrong with these guys!

Decorative Talavera Boxes

Talavera pottery products are one of the most beloved souvenirs found in Mexico. These cute little Talavera boxes are perfect for storing things like jewelry, bobby pins, or any other tiny items that need to be kept track of. They make an aesthetically pleasing addition to the bathroom counter, bookshelves, or anywhere else!

Talavera House Signs

Many homes in Mexico are adorned with decorative Talavera signs stating the property’s name (Casa Linda, for example), or sometimes they just feature sayings like Mi casa es tu casa. Why not get your bestie a personalized sign for her house? It will add a certain romantic Mexican flair to her space. Perhaps she has a favorite saying or mantra that would be fun to display in her space? 

Not all who wander are lost?

Más cerveza por favor? 

(Nobody said you have to take this super seriously!)

Colorful Talavera Tiles

Continuing with our Talavera obsession… Talavera tiles are an unquestionable favorite Mexican gift, plus they are a decorative and useful gift. You can use them as coasters, hot pads, or spoon rests, or they can be arranged in a pattern and framed as an art piece! Or, use them to create a frame for a mirror, like this one! Pick up an assortment and add some Mexican flare to your BFF’s kitchen and home! 

Talavera Pendant Lights

I know, I know, enough Talavera already. This is the last one, I promise. These pendant lights are such a creative way to integrate Talavera into a space. I couldn’t resist including them. Whether you splurge on these or use them as inspiration for your own craft project is up to you!

Mexican Kitchen & Dining Gifts

Kitchen and dining gifts are a practical way to add a little Mexican flavor (perhaps literally) into your bestie’s everyday life. Check out these fun options!

Mexican Glass Tumblers

Life’s too short to drink out of boring cups. These blown glass tumblers are a cute yet functional way to integrate a reminder of Mexico into your bestie’s home. There are also margarita glasses if that’s more her style! 

Pair them with a matching pitcher so she can whip up batches of agua fresca (or fresh margs) to serve at mealtimes, just like in Mexico!   

Woven Tablecloth 

These tablecloths are the perfect gift for someone who loves bright colors as they will add a literal color explosion to any space. They’re the perfect way to brighten up the dining room, or, if your giftee is a rule-breaker, they make nice light blankets (that’s what I use mine for!). 

Talavera Coffee Mug

Ok, one more Talavera item! If you go to Mexico and don’t bring home a Talavera coffee mug, did you even go to Mexico? How will anybody ever know? This is sure to be a favorite gift for your Mexico obsessed bestie.

Warning: This mug is so perfect she and her partner/roommate will begin racing one another to the kitchen each morning to claim it first. But friendly competition is good for relationships, right??

Mexican Cookbook

Does your giftee love to cook? Perhaps a Mexican cookbook will help her create tasty Mexico-inspired dishes to enjoy, even when she can’t be in Mexico. This cookbook features Taquería style recipes that are simple and quick to prepare, while this one features authentic recipes from Oaxaca, Mexico’s most foodie state.

Mexican Clothing & Accessories

Do you know someone who loves to incorporate their love of Mexico into their everyday look? Why not gift them some Mexican clothing or accessories?!

Photo Credit: zoozjewelry on Etsy

Cactus Earrings

Okay, okay, these earrings are more Mexico-adjacent than actually Mexican (there’s a LOT more to the country than cactuses, after all), but they were too cute to leave out. Who doesn’t need an offbeat pair of earrings to include in their repertoire? Definitely add these to your list of Mexican themed presents for your bestie!

Mexican Friendship Bracelets

These bracelets are sold everywhere throughout Mexico, so they undoubtedly come to mind when one starts thinking about Mexico souvenirs and they make a fun stocking stuffer. I don’t wear friendship bracelets but I love to use the thin ones as keychains because they fold up easily to fit in pockets. 

These wider friendship bracelets are super handy for decorating luggage. I used to struggle to tell my black suitcase apart from everyone else’s… then I tied one of these brightly colored bracelets around the handle and now I never have to awkwardly triple check the ID tag to be sure it’s mine. The brightly colored embroidered bracelet is unmistakable!

Mexican Blouse

These traditional embroidered Mexican blouses are practically irresistible. They are both beautiful and comfortable, especially in hot weather. Gift one of these guys to your friend and she’s bound to receive endless compliments.

Reusable Frida Tote Bag

One can never have too many tote bags these days! This Frida Totebag is a fun and functional reminder of Mexico that your BFF can carry with her daily. It also makes the perfect gift bag for delivering any of the other items on this list! 

By now your head is surely swimming with Mexican gift ideas, but hopefully, that’s a good problem to have. Which of the Mexican themed gifts on the list will you be asking Santa for this year?

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