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  1. These are fantastic tips, and things I never would have considered, like the lines at ATMs. I’m also glad you cleared it up about haggling. I’m never comfortable doing it, and knowing it’s considered rude is helpful.

  2. Janine, I’m so happy to have found your FB group, blog and Mexican travel articles! Absolutely wonderful, and full of invaluable information that is accurate and easy to understand. Muchas Gracías! 🥰

  3. Do you have any recommendations for the end of my trip? What should I do with my pesos? I live in a small town and our local bank wont exchange them when I get home. Thanks

    1. Hi Jann, that’s a great question. I think, in that case, I’d just exchange them for dollars at the airport. Or, buy a few extra souvenirs, depending on how much you have left over.

  4. Thanks so much. I’m disappointed I didn’t learn of these money saving tips sooner. I’ve lived in Tijuana MX for 10 years. I’ve done everything wrong. A withdrawal from a ATM at a supermarket with all the fees is $15.00 complete after all the fees are deducted. So I’ve been crossing the border instead. Even a withdrawal of $20.00 cost $15.00 from any ATM.Ive paid a fortune in fees. It’s better late then never. 😀A cliche.

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