Guanajuato, Mexico streets

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  1. Thanks for sharing some good information, but in the end, you haven’t really said which method of transportation you preferred, bus or train? (not just taking into account the total time it takes but also how pleasant one is over the other)

    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for your comment. I think both bus and rental car are great ways to travel through Mexico. The best choice really depends on your personal preference. Personally, I think the bus is a really comfortable (and affordable) way to travel along this route, but if you want to stop off in small towns along the way, a rental car will offer more flexibility.

      1. Hola,

        IMO, If you are on a budget and traveling alone… walk, use collectivos, the metro and buses.
        Unfortunately, Mexico does not have a passenger train (other than the metro/subway) in CDMX(Mexico City). If Mexico ever partnered with China and built a high speed train network, Mexico would benefit tremendously.

        When you are 2 or more people, then renting a car is a good option economically, but make sure the insurance will cover damage or theft. Driving over an unmarked/unseen speed bump is one of the more common causes of damage to rental cars in Mexico. I only rented a car a couple times when I have been alone in Mexico, but will frequently use a car when with others.

        Traveling “long”distances in Mexico is arduous and time consuming because of their UBIQUITOUS use of speed bumps. Many of the State/Federal roads go through small town after small town and they use these to force traffic to slow down when entering or exiting each “village”.

        If you have limited time, flying could be the best option. As an example, I was in Oaxaca City and wanted to get to Puerto Escondido and didn’t want to sit in a bus for 8 hours making the grueling ride down the mountain, so I paid the $100USD to fly. (Would have been less expensive if I had booked in advance)

        I try to break a trip into 3-4 hour maximum bus trips, but will occasionally take a night bus instead if I want to travel 10-12 hours and be done with it (When there aren’t Good stops along the way)

        There really is No pleasant way to travel long distances on the roads in Mexico. You just have to take a deep breath and plan for it to take 1 hour for every 20 miles traveled


        1. Thanks so much for this comprehensive comment, David. I totally agree with your insights. You’re right, there really is no way to comfortably travel long distances on Mexico’s roads!

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