Want to know the secrets of running a business from anywhere? These tips can help you to work and wander the world. Read on!

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In years gone by, the line between work and going on vacation was very clear. You’d leave your office behind to travel and return to work after a bit of an adventure. 

But the gig economy has changed all that. It’s now possible to not only work but to run a business successfully from anywhere in the world – provided you know the secrets of doing so, of course! 

Being a successful remote entrepreneur requires more than a trusty laptop, a reliable and fast internet connection, and a mindset that’s willing to face a few potential challenges. Those are a good place to start, but there’s more to it. 

Let’s look at a few of the secrets of working and wandering successfully. 

Understand The Good And The Bad

First things first, consider the pros and cons of being a digital nomad before you reach for your suitcase and book your flight to Mexico. 

Starting and running a business from anywhere definitely has its perks. But there also are challenges that you should be aware of, challenges that you might not experience if you decide to be an entrepreneur on home ground. 

Some of the pros of running a business remotely include:

  • You can plan your schedule to fit your itinerary
  • You can live in various countries and experience different cultures
  • You can be productive while traveling the world
  • You aren’t restricted to the same office or workplace
  • You can gain practical experience in different markets
  • You can make new work contacts face-to-face by meeting with them in their country of residence
  • You can build a team of talented remote workers based in different countries for greater diversity and a lower payroll

The downsides:

  • Some businesses require on-site management
  • You need a high level of self-motivation and organization
  • Your team might take longer to complete projects if you’re not present physically to motivate them
  • You might find it challenging to onboard remote team members with the special attention needed for this
  • You might feel isolated while trying to run your business as you’re not surrounded by like-minded people

If you’re still feeling confident and fired up about running a business from anywhere, keep reading to learn the secrets of doing so successfully.

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Make Sure You Have The Right Tools

A good, reliable laptop that won’t be out of date any time soon arguably is the most important tool you need for running a business remotely. 

Choose a laptop with enough battery life to allow you to work for a few hours without being connected to an outlet. I use an M1 Macbook Air and it offers over 15 hours of battery life. I love that I can use it in cafes and airports without having to worry about securing a seat with access to an outlet. 

You should also ensure you have the right adaptors for the countries you plan to visit. There’s nothing worse than that low battery signal and not having the right plug. Especially on a deadline… Fortunately, Mexico uses the same power outlets you’re used to in Canada and the US!

It’s also essential to combine good hardware with good software. When choosing productivity tools that offer excellent collaboration and team working potential while minimizing costs, remember to select fewer independent apps and to keep your choices as simple as possible. 

Having too many apps, especially apps that are complicated, can make it difficult to keep track of things. 

Insure your laptop against damage and theft. You’ll also need to ensure you have good digital security to protect against data theft and other cybercrime threats to small businesses. I use ExpressVPN to conceal my IP address when using public Wi-Fi.

Use these tips to stay safe while traveling:

  • Secure your Wi-Fi network
  • Choose strong passwords
  • Invest in anti-virus software and a VPN 
  • Use cloud-based security
  • Backup your data

Set Up An Easy-To-Manage Company Bank Account

As a remote entrepreneur, you’re going to need to make and receive payments while working around the world. Set up a company bank account that you can manage easily while traveling.

Before choosing a bank or account type, ask banking consultants whether the accounts their banks offer allow you to send and/or receive multiple transfers across borders with ease. 

You should also make 100% sure that you can manage every aspect of your account via your laptop or mobile phone. 

Having alternative access to funds is a good idea too, and PayPal and Wise are just a few of the options you can investigate. Plus, you can receive international payments via these channels too, giving your clients more payment options. 

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Make Sure You Have Good Connectivity Wherever You Go

Your laptop and entrepreneurial intentions aren’t going to be of much use if you can’t connect to the internet. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection that you can depend on, no matter where you are. 

There are a couple of ways you can do this, and you might find it helpful to choose one and to have the other as a backup plan. 

The first is to get a local SIM card when you land in Mexico. As long as your phone is unlocked, you can purchase a Telcel SIM card from a convenience store like Fasti or Oxxo and purchase data and minutes on a pay-as-you-go basis. It’s super affordable and easy to top up your account anytime you need to.  

The second option is to get an eSIM card that offers continental or worldwide coverage, which can be particularly helpful if you do want to work while on the road.

If you’re staying in a luxury hotel or other more upmarket accommodation, you may have access to Wi-Fi, but don’t rely on this! Always research the Wi-Fi situation at your accommodation before checking in, as it may be spotty or come at an additional charge. If this is the case, someone will have mentioned it in the reviews for your hotel or Airbnb. 

Give Your Remote Team Clear Guidelines

If you plan to build a team of remote workers, it’s essential to draw up clear rules, policies, and a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for them. 

Your team won’t be in the same office as you or each other, and time zone differences can cause delays in communication between you and your team, as well as among your team members.

Clear rules, policies, and SOPs are reference points that offer clarity and guidance in case of uncertainty, enabling your team members to be as independent as possible. Start out with preliminary rules, policies, and SOPs that you can adapt as necessary through trial and error.

Delegate Or Outsource Tasks When Possible

Delegate or outsource tasks that don’t require your personal attention to your remote team members so you can free up some of your time to focus on core tasks and grow your business. You’ll have more free time for exploring your destination if you do this too! 

Obviously, you need a remote team that you can trust to avoid making mistakes and wasting time and money. Hire a team you can trust by defining your hiring process clearly, implementing tough selection criteria, and doing background checks on individuals you’re considering hiring.

Go Global

Running a business from anywhere is an exciting and challenging prospect. It can offer you the freedom to travel and explore the world in ways you never thought possible. 

Use these secrets to run your remote business successfully. You can see more, do more, and travel more while making a steady income!

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