packing light is a great way to save money when you're traveling!

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  1. Packing light really is an art form! These are some great tips, especially trying on everything before you pack it! I’ve bought SO many pieces of clothing just for trips that actually didn’t look as great as I thought. Definitely going to be smarter about it in the future!

  2. I would add that if you are packing similar items, t-shirts, tank tops..layer them on top of each other then fold. This way they take up less room and most of the items are not wrinkled when you unpack them! I do this everytime I pack – It may not make it ‘lighter’ but definitely leaves room and less ironing..

  3. I literally just finished packing for a trip to Maui tomorrow morning. I had to work hard to close the zip on my bag. I think I have to get everything out again and use this post to make some better choices.

    1. Hahaha oh no! This is a pretty fool proof system, I must say. It can be SO hard to decide what to take though, so I sympathize entirely. I hope you enjoy Maui, I’ve never been but it looks amazinggg!

  4. I am quite an overpacker especially for trips lasting more than a month. But it sucks to be lugging heavy baggage on public transport. I recently just traveled to Taiwan for a weeklong trip and didn’t check any baggage in because I wanted to be mobile on public transport. I ran out of clean underwear but I managed to hand wash some pairs to last me through the trip. I think a carry on is totally doable if you have access to washing facilities.

    1. Lugging heavy bags on public transport is the bane of my existence! I agree, access to washing facilities makes carry-on travel a LOT easier. I always try to squeeze in a few extra pairs of underwear just in case though.

  5. Thanks for these tips! I am completely with you on the Osprey, and the trying everything on beforehand. It’s a pain, but it saves so much stress down the line when you figure out that certain things don’t match like you thought, or that that skirt *really* won’t do for a work gig. 😮

  6. My husband has been bugging me to start doing this for some time now. I have to admit that I do always come back home with stuff in the suitcase that was never taken out! I need to be brave, just once, and try this. Thanks for the “how to”!

    1. Haha! Glad it was helpful! I know what you mean. I’m someone who likes to have lots of options too. Start by trying it out for short trips — it helps you to get in the habit of bringing less.

  7. I live in the two extremes. Either I pack a crazy amount and check bag, usually only for long trips, like if we’re going to be somewhere for months and my husband’s company picks up the tab OR if it’s for a week or less and I can cram into my carryon. My brother is usually amazed when we’re traveling together because I pack less than him. Usually that doesn’t include hair tools, even though I’m sure I would look loads better if I took them. HA! Great tips. I need a new backpack. I’m going to check out your recommendation.

    1. Haha! I’m kind of the same. I always try to fit everything in a carry on (and usually do), but if I can’t then I just throw up my hands and get out a giant suitcase! I figure, if you’re checking a bag you might as well take the biggest one you can! Definitely check out the Osprey pack — it’s such a nice travel pack because it’s so light, but has lots of padding. It’s also really reasonably priced in my opinion.

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