Wondering whether Tulum is a good destination for a solo trip? This Tulum travel guide highlights some of the unique experiences this boho beach town has to offer!

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Brooke Buckman.

Nestled along Mexico’s captivating Caribbean coast, Tulum offers a breathtaking blend of pristine beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and lush jungles, making it an idyllic destination for the adventurous soul. In this Tulum travel guide for solo female travelers, we’ll delve into invaluable tips, safety measures, and hidden gems to ensure a memorable and empowering experience in this tropical paradise. So, let’s dig into what Tulum has to offer for solo female travelers.

Is Tulum Good for Solo Female Travellers?

Tulum is a hotspot for solo travelers of every gender and age. This town has a strong sense of community and welcomes all of its visitors. It is almost effortless to meet other travelers in this town, so you are sure to have an amazing time. Before you take off, let’s go over the best things to do in Tulum as a solo traveler! 

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Best Things to Do in Tulum, Mexico for Female Solo Travelers

Tulum is a small town but is jam-packed with activities for all kinds of travelers. Below we will go over the best things to do in Tulum, Mexico as a female solo traveler. 

1. Salsa Dancing at Palma Central

The first thing you should do in Tulum is make some friends! Solo traveling is the best way to meet people who share your mindset and hobbies. Through solo travel, I have met lifelong friends and connections I will cherish forever. And hey, you might just end up traveling the world together! 

A fun and easy way to make friends in Tulum is by taking a Salsa dancing class at Palma Central. Palma Central hosts a salsa night every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. It costs about 50 pesos (around $3.00 USD). There is a salsa instructor, a live band, and a wealth of food trucks to choose from for dinner. Even if you cannot dance, you should try. You will undoubtedly have a spectacular time!

2. Take a Yoga or Dance Class at Holistika

Holistika is a resort tucked away into the jungle in Tulum. It is the best place to go for yoga, dance, and other wellness classes or activities. The property features amazing architecture, a vegan restaurant, two yoga shalas, a pool, and a jungle art walk. I recommend the detox flow yoga class!

3. Dinner at Raum Gallery

Raum Gallery is an Asian-infused restaurant in La Veleta. The vibes are amazing, the music is great, and you are sure to meet like-minded travelers!

4. Grab Coffee at KiBok

KiBok, by far, has the best coffee in Tulum. The staff is above and beyond, and the cafe is so relaxing. I recommend trying an iced vanilla latte!

5. Try Temazcal at Espiritu Wellness

Temazcal is a traditional Mayan ceremony inside a sweat lodge. Its intended use is to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit, and it does just that. 

Best Places to Stay in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is home to some of the most beautiful natural architecture in the Yucatán peninsula. Any place you stay will be sure to wow you! Here are five great options for female solo travelers! 

Selina Tulum – Best for Digital Nomads

Selina is a worldwide chain of hostels and hotels made for digital nomads. They have a co-working office on-site, shared or private rooms available, and an oceanfront beach club, a pool, and a restaurant. This is a great place to stay if you are looking to meet other solo travelers.

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Ikal Tulum Hotel – Best for Yogis

Ikal Tulum Hotel is a zen oceanfront sanctuary for those seeking a quiet beachfront getaway. You can stay in an eco-treehouse and attend daily sunrise yoga classes in the oceanfront yoga shala. Ikal has a beautiful and tight-knit community that gratefully welcomes any solo traveler. 

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Azulik – Best Luxury Hotel

Azulik is one of the most well-known hotels in Tulum, and it’s for a good reason. The architecture at Azulik is one of a kind and jaw-droppingly beautiful; even if you don’t stay here, you should spend a day on their beachfront. 

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Casa Malca Tulum – Most Unique

Casa Malca is a luxurious and grand oceanfront resort with some of the most unique features of any hotel in Tulum. This hotel is situated in the hotel zone, giving you easy access to shopping, dining, and beach clubs. 

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Central Park – Best for Long Stays

If you are planning on spending a little bit of time in Tulum, I recommend you get an AirBnb in La Veleta. La Veleta is a neighborhood a mile or two away from the hotel zone. La Veleta has some of the best restaurants in Tulum and is inhabited by a mostly expat community. 

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Best Ways to Get Around Tulum, Mexico

The best (and most fun) way to get around in Tulum is via a scooter. Everyone has them, and they are super fun to zip around on! You can also rent an ATV if you want a little more room, but they are quite loud. You can rent a scooter from any of the scooter rental companies in Tulum; there are plenty. Here are a few top picks. 

  1. Tulum Scooter Rentals
  2. Scooter Tulum Services
  3. Scooter Mex

If you would like more information on how to get to and from Tulum, you can read this guide.

Best Time to Visit Tulum, Mexico for Female Solo Travelers

The best time to visit Tulum for solo female travelers is from December to April. This is when Tulum will have the most action and the best weather. If you wish to visit during a slower time, opt for the shoulder season of Spring or Autumn when crowds are thinner. Summer in Tulum is the rainy season which means high humidity, hot weather, and a chance of hurricanes.

For more help deciding the best time to visit, check out this month-by-month guide to visiting Tulum.

Safety Tips for Visiting Tulum, Mexico as a Female Solo Traveler

When traveling alone as a female, there are a lot of things you need to do to stay safe. Mexico is no stranger to scary headlines, but I wouldn’t let this steer you away from Tulum. There is only danger when you are out too late and doing the wrong things. If you follow these general guidelines, you will have a safe and enjoyable trip. 

Don’t Go Out Alone at Night

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it is important. As fun as it may seem to be out at 3 am in a club in Mexico, it is true that nothing good happens after midnight. If you are going out at night, make sure you are with a group of people that you trust. 

Share Your Location and Travel Plans with Friends/Family

Make sure someone you trust knows where you are going and what you will be doing in case something were to happen. 

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Don’t Drink Too Much

As a woman, you need to be safe if you are out and drinking. You can miss things when you are not fully cognizant of your surroundings. You should have fun but do not go overboard!

Don’t Tell Anyone You Are Traveling Alone

Whoever asks you this question does not need to know the real answer. As far as they’re concerned, your boyfriend or girlfriend is working from your hotel or you are traveling with your brother and he didn’t want to come out tonight. This white lie won’t hurt anyone but it will keep you out of trouble. 

Go With Your Gut!

If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your intuition. It is better to be safe than sorry! 

For more tips on navigating Tulum safely, check out this article on travel safety in Mexico.

Tulum is a beautiful town and the perfect destination for female solo travelers. My best tip for anyone traveling to Tulum is to let it show you around. Tulum has a magical way of bringing people together, so go with the flow and see where you end up! Happy Traveling!

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