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If you’re keen to start an online business, the Bucketlist Bombshells courses may seem like just the ticket. But can they really take you from disillusioned 9-to-5er to confident online business owner?

In this Bucketlist Bombshells review, I’m sharing my experience with the BB Academy and my verdict on whether the courses are worth the investment. 

By the end of this review, hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of whether the courses are right for you.

** I just want to state for the record that I was compensated for writing this article but all opinions are strictly my own. **

bucketlist bombshells academy teaches you to build an online business

How I found the Bucketlist Bombshells

Back in April 2017, I was desperate to find a way out of my 9 to 5. I had already promised myself I would quit my job to move to Playa del Carmen, Mexico by the end of the year, but I hadn’t quite figured out how to replace my income. 

I was determined to build a location independent business so that I could pursue my dream of working and traveling, but I was unsure of what that looked like. 

I knew I had online skills, namely writing and social media management, but I wasn’t sure how to transform that into a business that would bring in a consistent income.

At this point, I had no idea that there was such a wealth of online courses out there. I’m a pretty resourceful individual and I figured that I would be able to build this business through research and persistence (two things that have never let me down). 

I figured that if other people had successfully transitioned into online work there was no reason why I shouldn’t be able to also.

When I came across an ad for the Bucketlist Bombshells courses on Facebook I was sold pretty quickly. 

The courses promised to teach the foundational skills that business owners are currently hiring for online. The Work and Travel the World Course promised to provide the necessary framework for launching a successful online business.

I was drawn to Cassie and Shay’s story because it was so similar to my own. I was also drawn to the fact that they were my age and weren’t teaching these skills for application in a stuffy, corporate setting. 

At first, I was slightly hesitant to invest in a program when I was certain I was resourceful enough to achieve my goals on my own.

But, Cassie and Shay seemed to be offering the solution I was looking for in a neat and tidy package that would get me there much faster than if I pursued the same results on my own.

I enrolled and was greeted into the BB Academy community with a warm (virtual) hug.

The Bucketlist Bombshells was founded by two millennial women with wanderlust: Cassie and Shay

About Cassie and Shay, the Bucketlist Bombshells Founders

Cassie and Shay are the millennial women behind The Bucketlist Bombshells Academy. After spontaneously meeting on a trip to Playa del Carmen, they decided they didn’t want to return to the cubie life. 

They put their heads together to figure out how to make a living online. Combining Cassie’s expertise in design and marketing with Shay’s background in entrepreneurship they were soon running their own graphic design and virtual assistance businesses and making more than they ever had in their desk jobs.

Within a short time, they realized their true calling: to share the love and empower other women to seize their dreams and build their own online businesses.

Since launching Bucketlist Bombshells they’ve helped thousands of women launch online businesses. 

The Bucketlist Bombshells Academy features 3 courses and a ton of bonuses.

What’s inside the BB Academy

The Design Skills Course

The Design Skills course teaches you the basics of design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

You will learn how to use the Adobe design tools to create beautiful moodboards, logos, social media graphics and more. There are projects within the course that you can complete to showcase as portfolio pieces down the road. 

You’ll also find a ton of helpful bonuses inside the course, including a masterclass on how to land clients, tips for organizing design files, and more!

If you’re interested in offering graphic design, branding, or social media management services, this course is a huge asset.

The Tech Skills Course

The Tech Skills course teaches you many of the tech skills that people are hiring for online these days. It also includes in-depth tutorials on how to use many of the most popular programs, platforms, and tools used online these days, including LeadPages, ConvertKit, WordPress, and many more.

You will learn the basics of social media management, web design, email marketing management, webinar management, how to build landing and sales pages, and more. The course also takes you through how to build a WordPress website, which is SUPER helpful.

If you want to build a web design business, become a social media manager, or a tech Virtual Assistant, this is the course for you.

An overview of the Work Online and Travel the World course curriculum.

The Work Online and Travel the World Course (WTC)

The Work Online & Travel the World course will provide you with the foundation you need to run a successful online business. It will take you from defining your skills and outlining your service offerings to launching a website and finding your first clients. It also helps you develop processes within your business, such as client acquisition, client onboarding, invoicing, bookkeeping and more. It truly does provide a solid foundation to build upon.

This course teaches you the business strategies you need to translate the skills from the other courses (or skills that you already have!) into a thriving online business. 

While the three Bucketlist Bombshells courses teach a ton of great skills, there are MANY more perks to being part of the BB Community.

Beyond the Courses — Perks of the BB Academy

This is where the Bucketlist Bombshells Academy really shines, and what ultimately sets these courses apart from others that I’ve taken. 

Cassie, Shay, and the BB team are committed to helping their students succeed and it shows. 

Beyond the coursework, there are tons of perks that come with being part of the BB Academy and in my opinion, these are worth the price of the courses alone. The BB Academy is by far one of the best online communities that I’m part of. 

Below are many of the reasons why it is so awesome…

  • Job opportunities are shared in the Facebook groups daily

The BB team posts relevant job opportunities in their Facebook groups daily. They will also tag qualified members in these posts when appropriate to ensure they don’t miss an opportunity.

  • Monthly mastermind calls are held to support students

Cassie and Shay host monthly Facebook live calls where they answer questions from community members. These calls are super helpful because it allows students to receive direct feedback from Cassie and Shay on the struggles, concerns, or logistics that come with running an online business. 

During tough times and special occasions (think current world events and Christmas!), the girls often host extra webinars and mastermind calls to provide additional support to community members.

Even if you think you don’t have questions it’s still wise to catch the calls because often fellow students will ask questions you didn’t realize you have. There’s always something valuable to be learned from them. If you can make the calls the replays are available in the Facebook group.

The BB team is always looking for ways to help students!
  • There is a personal touch

Cassie, Shay and the BB Team really do take the time to get to know students. Whether you interact with them on social media, ask questions in the group, or hit them up by email, the responses are always heartfelt. It really feels like they take the time to understand you, your journey, and where you’re trying to go. And then, they do their best to help you get there.

  • They host in-person meetups around the world

The in-person meetups are a bit sporadic, but the fact that Cassie and Shay take the time to do them is really awesome. It just goes to show how invested they are in their mission to help women live their best lives.

I had the opportunity to meet Cassie and her mom, Sandra (the BB Director of Customer Service) at a meetup in LA and it was super valuable. I came away with a ton of reassurance about my building my business and lots of ideas. It was also awesome to connect with fellow students and make friends with people going through journeys similar to mine.

I went from feeling like “I have this cool, but kinda crazy idea” to believing that my decision to pursue a location independent lifestyle was a totally realistic one.

  • Student success stories shine a spotlight on BB community members

The Bucketlist Bombshells have a regular series called Student Spotlights which highlights how students have used the courses to transition into online work. The stories are super compelling– it’s always inspiring to read about someone making their dream a reality! 

  • The girls are always working to improve the courses and the community

Cassie and Shay have consistently taken feedback from students to heart and made adjustments to the courses and the community to reflect that. 

When I first enrolled in the BB Academy back in 2017 there were no certificates of completion, there were fewer portfolio projects included in the coursework, and mastermind calls were not as frequent. These are all features that students have suggested or asked for whether directly or indirectly and they’ve all added value to the Academy.

Over the past 3 years, the BB team has expanded, meaning there is more direct support in the Facebook communities. Team members always respond to questions promptly and they tag students in relevant posts that would help them with their biz questions. 

What I didn’t like about the BB Academy

To be honest, I think the BB Academy is pretty packed with value, but the following are a couple of areas that I think have room for improvement.

  • There aren’t any weekly themed threads in the Facebook Groups to facilitate conversations

While the BB Facebook groups are pretty engaged, having daily questions or threads to teach strategies or facilitate conversations would definitely add value. There are lots of great questions asked in the group daily. However, having prompts would help encourage members to think about aspects of their business that they may be overlooking. It could help incite valuable conversation and the sharing of useful advice. 

  • The opportunity to lean on guest experts is under-utilized

Within the courses, there are references to resources or individuals that will help you learn more on specific topics. However, I think further support could be provided. 

While the courses are really meant to be foundational, it would be helpful to have Cassie and Shay give their recommendations regarding who to look to next. 

It would be awesome if the monthly mastermind calls featured guest experts. Alternatively, the girls could host informational webinars with experts, some of whom could even be former students.

They do occasionally host joint webinars but it has been sporadic. I’d love to see this become a regular thing. It would be super valuable to hear from experts on things like mindset, copywriting, email marketing, building sales funnels, and more! 

  • The name

This is pretty nitpicky but I’m just going to be totally honest… I don’t love the name Bucketlist Bombshells. At first, I thought it sounded perhaps a little vapid and immature, BUT it didn’t take me long to realize that Cassie and Shay are neither of those things. They are bright, talented, business-savvy go-getters and so are the women in their community. So, if your first impression was similar to mine, don’t let the name Bucketlist Bombshells deter you: the BB Academy is packed with substance.

Canada to Mexico street art in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
The BB courses helped me develop skills that I used to transition out of my 9 to 5 to running my online business from all over Mexico!

My Experience with the Bucketlist Bombshells Courses

While many BB students go on to launch web design or branding studios, social media management, or virtual assistant businesses, I didn’t quite fit into this mold. 

So, I don’t have one of those sales page-worthy success stories where I quit my job and doubled my former income within 4 months. BUT I did launch an online business that I love and that supports the lifestyle I want, so I’m still a success!

Instead of following the typical Bucketlist Bombshells mold, I branched out on my own and built a writing business. However, I have applied almost all of the skills that I learned inside the BB courses to my current business and my Janine in the World blog. 

All of the web design, branding, email marketing, and tech skills I learned in the courses have manifested within this website (and my business website). The framework taught in the WTC course on how to run an online business greatly informed the way I run my writing biz. 

The courses were a fantastic investment for me, as they introduced me to the world of online entrepreneurship. They taught me a ton of useful skills, most of which I employ daily. And, above all, they introduced me to a community of like-minded women who I feel comfortable asking for help at any time. 

I’m acutely aware of how cheesy it sounds, but the Bucketlist Bombshells courses literally changed my life. All of the bonuses I mentioned in the “Beyond the Courses” section of this article continue to be valuable to me, and those alone were worth the price of the courses in my opinion.  

It would have taken me FAR longer to leave my job and replace my income if I had gone it alone. 

Is the BB Academy right for you?

So, I’m sure you’re wondering if the Bucketlist Bombshells courses are the key to your success as an online business owner.

I don’t think any course is standing between success and failure when it comes to working online. But, I do think courses can significantly speed up the process, and that is definitely worth something.

If you’re new to working online or entrepreneurship, some (or all) of these courses will surely speed up your process. And the community that comes with them will definitely be a great support system.

If you’re looking to build a service-based business online (and especially if you wish to become a Virtual Assistant) these courses will be a big help.

Who are these courses not a good fit for (in my opinion)

  • Individuals building a blogging business: The skills taught in the Tech and Design skills courses will definitely come in handy (especially if you’ve never built a website before), but the courses do not teach how to build a blogging business. There are other resources (like Travel Blog Prosperity) that are better for that.
  • Individuals building a writing business: The WTC course will help you with the business framework and client acquisition, but I would argue that there are better courses out there for that as well.
  • Anyone looking for a biz in a box: While the BB courses are probably as close as you can get to an “instant business” there’s still a ton of work to be done outside of them. These courses teach you foundation skills and a business framework, but it’s up to you to implement it effectively. You will not have overnight success (unless you work your butt off for it), so don’t expect to complete the courses and start instantly raking in clients and cash. 

bucketlist bombshells course review

My honest opinion

I’ve said many times by now, but the BB Academy is one of the best online communities that I’m part of. I think there is a ton of value in the courses, even if you just want to up-level your design or tech skills in a practical way.

If you’re looking for a way to expedite building an online business, there’s a good chance some (or all) of the Bucketlist Bombshells courses can help.

To get a feel for Cassie and Shay’s personalities and teaching styles, read their blog, consume their social media content (Cassie is consistent with IG stories), or watch their masterclasses to see if you dig their style.

The 3 Steps to Building a Successful Online Service-based Business masterclass will give you a sense of the girls’ teaching styles and also help you figure out if the courses are right for you.

And, of course, if you have any questions about my experience with the courses or need an impartial third party to help you figure out if they’re a good fit, feel free to reach out to me

I hope you found this review helpful. Are you planning to start an online business? Tell me about it in the comments!